Our commitment to offering sustainable and promising equity participations is an expression of the tradition that has been guiding the House of Hohenzollern for several centuries now. In addition to equity participations in the industrial sector, PvH Capital also concentrates on the requirements and general conditions of innovative and promising lines of business.

We accompany our investee companies in a fair and steady manner: from the advice during the startup phase and the quick equity participation to jointly developed long-term plans for exit strategies, as they can be useful in the case of a going-public or the sale of a business area or the entire company.

In cooperation with our economic and scientific advisory board as well as our network partners and their specialists representing all areas relevant for founders, we can make a significant contribution to ensuring the future success of your business. We analyze business plans and possible sponsorship programs quickly and with the outmost confidentiality, evaluate all economic and legal aspects and support our partners in the development of organizational structures and marketing strategies.